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Christina Natalello, principal
Principal Christina Natalello

Dear Whitehorse 6th Grade Families,

Welcome to Whitehorse Middle School!

Whitehorse middle school provides a rigorous educational setting for students to progress academically while exploring who they are as positive and powerful community members. We strive to help students think critically, develop a lifelong thirst for learning and acquire 21st century learning skills. Character development is a critical aspect of our school community with weekly lessons aligned with the District Social/Emotional learning standards and opportunities for students to join student leadership and mentoring opportunities. We also have a thriving after school partnership with MSCR where students can explore competitive and non-competitive sports experiences, clubs and the largest middle school running club (including competition in the annual mud run, state triathlon and cross country team). Together with families, we strive to create a environment that provides stability, promotes self-confidence and self-worth and nurtures awareness of the rich culture of our diverse school community.

Christina Natalello, Principal

Upcoming Orientation Dates

  • Wednesday, May 8th, 5:30-6:30 p.m. (Parents/Guardians)
  • Friday, May 17th, 12:30-2:30 p.m. (Incoming students)

Our Student Services Staff Is Here To Assist You

Counselor: Wendy Ellis
Instructional Coach: Amy Clements
Special Ed. Program Support Teacher: Amanda Boldon
Bilingual Resource Teacher: James Bitner
Kiersten Kansteiner
School Social Worker: Debra Farrar-Simpson
School Psychologist: Rebecca Fellman
MSCR / After School Coordinator: Colleen Hayes