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Middle school can be about learning from your mistakes.  Sometimes our mistakes are small, such as leaving homework at home. Sometimes our mistakes are big, like earning a behavior referral.  It is what we do when we make a mistake that defines our character.  Therefore, when a student makes a mistake and earns a behavioral referral, they have are given an opportunity to learn from their mistake by completing a Restorative Justice Project.  This is available to any student who earns a 100 or 200 level Code of Conduct violation.  

Restorative Justice is repairing the harm you have done.  A student is taking responsibility for their actions by apologizing, fixing the situation, and/or completing community services.  This work is done with the staff member that referred them to our Alternative Learning Center or ALC.  The student is expected to schedule a meeting with the referring staff member.  Together they decide how the student will restitute their referral. The student has two weeks from the day the referral was earned to complete a Restorative Justice Project.  The student and staff member meet again, where the student presents their work.  If the work is completed as agreed, the staff member then signs the Restorative Justice Project Reflection Sheet and the project goes to the main office.  The Restorative Justice Project Reflection Sheet is sent home in the Friday Folder for parent signature.  

Celebrations of Success occur at the end of each quarter.  In order for students to participate, they need to have less than two referrals to the ALC and no suspensions.  Our Restorative Justice Projects allow students to right their wrong and be eligible to participate in our quarterly Celebrations of Success.