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Dear Whitehorse Students, Families, and Staff, 

Thank you for a wonderful and productive school year.  Thank you for your flexibility and patience as we grew together and the many suggestions and feedback we have received in order to continue that growth.  Throughout this year we have all had to endure many unforeseen challenges and together we made it through. We would not have been able to thrive without your collective support and dedication to Whitehorse. 

To our Whitehorse students: Thank you for all your hard work throughout the school year.  We are so honored to be your principals.  This year has been filled with laughter and building relationships that we hope will last a lifetime. This year it was our goal to make Whitehorse feel like it was just as much your school as it was ours, that you felt safe and valued. We ask that you continue to use your talents and voices to help us improve our ability to teach and support you.  Best wishes to our eighth graders, whom we will miss greatly—stay connected and remember, Once a Whitehorse student, always a Whitehorse student. 

To our Whitehorse families: We cannot thank you enough for welcoming us into the Whitehorse community. You continued to help us find ways to improve our practices and incorporate your voice into our work. When we needed your partnership the  most, you stepped up and supported your students in learning from home. It truly takes a village, and this village is growing stronger. Thank you for continuing to be your student’s first teacher and allowing us to partner with you on this journey. Special thanks to Connecting Whitehorse Families, who went above and beyond the call of duty to provide whatever was necessary to add help enrich our students’ school experience.  We felt your support.

To our Whitehorse staff: Your flexibility this year has truly been amazing. You continued to step up in support of providing a safe space and equitable access to our students. When given the task of redesigning the school experience, you rose to the occasion with knowledge, passion, and love. Please hear our sincerest Thank you and acknowledgement of a job well done to an amazing group of professionals.

Enjoy your summer and stay safe. 

United We Stand: Together We Build

Amy Wederath & Priscilla Watson