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Dear Whitehorse Students and Families,

The past few weeks have encouraged us as a community to think about our actions and their impact on others. The death of George Floyd and the protests that have followed, shows our nation united and ready for change. While we see the efforts and the work that is being done to combat systemic racism, we also see the trauma and pain that is being caused.  Our Equity Vision calls for us to, “identify and disrupt systems of oppression with regard to race and equity in order to ensure that all students are valued and challenged.”  Throughout all of our work we will continue to keep this at the center. We have already begun to think about making significant changes to our ways of working in order to positively impact your student’s experience. We ask you for your feedback and suggestions. Now is the time for change. What is your call to action? How are you helping to change the systems of oppression that continue to impact our black citizens around the world? 

To all of our black students, families, and community members, we will continue to work on improving our culture and climate so that you feel valued and safe. We will continue to improve our rigor so that you are represented and challenged within the academic content. We will continue to foster relationships in which you know that you are loved and respected.  We see you, we hear you, we support you. You Matter!

To all of our families, thank you for your partnership in talking with your children about racism. Our families of color must have these conversations on a regular basis, most likely daily. 

Here are some resources that can help support your youth make sense of what is happening in our community and around the world. They can also help you engage in challenging conversations and support healing for your family during these times.

For Families to Support Students (These resources can also be found linked here on the MMSD website):

Stay Safe and continue to use your platform for making change, 

Amy Wederath & Priscilla Watson