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MMSD Standards/Grading Scale

Students in the Madison Metropolitan School District are graded in Computer Technology according to the following Standards:

Use of Computer Technology (60% of grade)

  • Uses software programs efficiently and effectively.
  • Demontrates understanding of file management.
  • Identifies/solves software and hardware problems.
  • Uses technology to communicate and collaborate.
  • Understands and uses technology vocabulary.

Inquiry and Research Skills (20% of grade)

  • Searches efficiently and effectively for information.
  • Critically evaluates information.
  • Organizes Information.
  • Presents information.

Responsible Use of Technology (20% of grade)

  • Follows school policy regarding appropriate usage.
  • Understands consequences of misuse.

For each of these standards and tasks listed below students will be given proficiency scores to measure their understanding of the skills being assessed.

Proficiency Scores:

4 - Demonstrates exceptional, in-depth understanding and application of the standards
3 - Demonstrates proficient understanding and application of the standards
2 - Demonstrates partial understanding and application of the standards
1 - Demonstrates little or no understanding of the standards
NA - Not applicable
CP - Continuing progress

Students are also graded on the ability to:

  • Use class time productively (learning skill)
  • Complete projects (learning skill)
  • Cooperate with others (learning skill)

These are given one of the following marks:

M - Most of the time
S - Some of the time
R - Rarely
NA - Not applicable
CP - Continuing Progress