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Annie Greencrow WhitehorseAnnie Greencrow Whitehorse exemplified the traditions and culture of the Winnebago people. Born in 1906, Annie spent much of her adult life in the Madison area. Annie was the mother of eight children, many of whom continue to live in the Whitehorse attendance area. Annie was always a teacher, from University lecturer to joining her grandchildren's classrooms for educational exercises. She was often called upon to share traditions and culture of the Winnebago people.

Annie was an environmentalist, proud of the fact that the earth provided what she needed. She was known to repeat the phrase, "Don't waste anything, we have everything we need."

Annie was involved in the community, making significant contributions through her compassion and conviction to society, culture and community. She provided critical input and insight on housing, race relations, education and Winnebago culture and language to many elected officials.

Schenk Middle School was renamed Annie Greencrow Whitehorse Middle School on August 25, 1993.